Just when you thought it was safe to return to Mars...
Aelita, Queen of Mars
Aelita, Queen of
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Viewers agree:
"The music's great; the songs are very catchy; the acting is excellent;
all the sound effects are there - it's a monstrous production!" - Australian Filmmaker Martin Gordon

"Mesmerizing..." - Elise Kermani, MiShinnah Productions
"Never seen anything like it. In fact, I've never seen it." - Barbara Kilpatrick, Artist
"It's like turning a Russian tank into a Lamborghini. Refreshing!" - Merle The Squirrel

The Nest
803 Franklin St ,
Michigan City
July 2, 7:30 PM (Central Martian Time)

Muscovite Rep Theatre Company

Rough Guide to Martian Dress Video

Hardworking engineer Los receives a strange message from outer space
(High Above The Astral Plane)

(Audio Only ~ 56Kbps)

Baching it on Mars, Los and a friend finally find the Martian Queen

(Audio Only
~ 56Kbps)

Los and Aelita consummate their interplanetary romance
(Kiss My Lips)

(Audio Only
~ 56Kbps)

Movie Trailer

(Audio Only
~ 56Kbps)

Aelita Alive
The Muscovite Repertory Theatre Company

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